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Week beginning 1st June

Hello and welcome back to the Summer term, week 6, of home learning. We hope you all had a relaxing break over half term and are continuing to enjoy this glorious weather.


This week, for a second and final week, we are joining the rest of the school in a whole school topic of ‘Traditional Tales’. We hope you enjoyed our ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ focus in week 1 of Traditional Tales. This week we will be focusing on ‘The Gingerbread Man’.   Start now by listening to Mrs Kemp read the story. If you know the story already you can join in with the repeated phrases.

Your first challenge this week is a speaking one. Can you retell the story? You might want to add your own actions. Don’t forget to use expression!


Your Writing Challenge this week is to re tell the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’, drawing a story map. You could label your story map and maybe add a sentence or two. For those children that are able, we suggest and challenge them to write the story using sentences. Don’t forget that sentences start with capital letters and end with a full stop. Remember to use finger spaces between words and use your phonics sound mats to help with your sounds. We cannot wait to see your story maps and writing this week.

NEWS FLASH- We have a section this week for parents. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find it. We understand that things like story maps can be a bit of a mystery if you don’t work in Early Years so we have added some extra general information on story maps that may assist you at home and act as a prompt as well as give you a greater understanding of how and why we use them.

Please continue to watch the daily government You Tube phonics lessons.  The feedback from our parents that are using this has been excellent and it is engaging the children. The information and links are all in our phonics star. Please do keep clicking on our ‘phonics’ and ‘handwriting’ stars as well. Keep watching our videos of the sounds and tricky words to embed them alongside the daily phonics lessons from the government. Maybe pick one handwriting letter family daily to practice. A little every day goes a long way.

 ‘Finger Gym Challenges’. Remember that finger gym is important because it makes our hands and fingers strong which in turn gives us wonderful writing. You will have things at home to make your very own finger gym activities and Mrs Borbas has put together a wealth of fun ideas. Again this is great for siblings from nursery all the way through to key stage 1 so get everybody involved. Maybe pick one finger gym activity a week and have a few goes at it over the course of the week.

We have a couple of rather delicious looking Maths challenges for you this week all about doubling and halving. Check out Mrs Rand’s Gingerbread Man maths!

Gingerbread Man Maths: Doubling

Gingerbread Man Maths: Halving

This week instead of having specific challenges we have come up with some ideas of things you could do at home that are all encompassing. From baking to science experiments to yoga! Why not get your paddling pool out as the weather is so good and explore the world of floating and sinking. Maybe you want to make a boat that floats for the gingerbread man. What will you use? Watch Mrs Kemp’s video now to find out a bit more about our ideas of things you could do this week. Mrs Kemp’s boats are in our parent section at the bottom but Shhhh, no peaking for children, as we would like the children to come up with their own ideas before seeing Mrs Kemp’s.

Please keep visiting ‘Oxford Owl’ for your weekly reading books. We recommend reading at least one book a week and revisiting that book over the week just as you were all doing when you had your physical reading book every week when we were still at school. Please keep writing in child’s reading records every time you do some reading.


Also a reminder that at 6pm every night a staff member reads a bedtime story. Sharing stories and reading to your child is important and what better time to do this than now. Why not continue a ‘Traditional Tales’ focus this week and continue to explore more traditional tales. Great for siblings of all ages.


Mrs Berrio has made a fantastic video of her re-telling ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ in both Spanish and English using a shadow puppet theatre that her and her daughter made.

Little Red Riding Hood by Mrs Berrio!

 If you have not had a chance yet please do check out ‘The Poetry Basket’ as we are delighted to be able to now share with you an excellent resource with you. This week is all about acting and re-telling stories and these short catchy active poems are a good way into this. You can now access this from home by clicking on the link below and entering the login and password. We have been using this resource at school this year and your children will be familiar with some of the poems already. Learning short rhymes and poems is great fun and a crucial part of child development.  Tricia Lee is fantastic to watch and join in with. It is aimed at 2 to 7 year olds so great for siblings as well. We do hope you explore and enjoy the wide variety of poems on offer. Maybe choose one a week to enjoy and learn. Which one will you choose this week?

Go to

And put in the following details

User name:  hardwick.cambs (all lower case)

Password: LimesRoad2020

We hope you enjoy our second and final week of Traditional Tales and hope you can all enjoy a gingerbread man or two!


We are loving seeing what you are up to and all your wonderful home learning so please keep sending it in so we can celebrate and share it. We would also like to reassure you at this time that any children returning to school will also be following this planning so we are all following the same path.

The Reception Team

Parent Additional Support Section


The boats that float for the gingerbread man!