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Week Beginning 16th November 2020


Remind yourself of the story of LHKL. Using your story map/mountain from last week act out the story to someone (could be to a pet or toy!) See if you can include all the main parts from the beginning, middle and end. Try to change your voice when you become the different characters. Think about your facial expressions too. Think about props (basket, toy cat) and maybe even costumes!!! Film yourself and share it with us!


Either draw or print a picture of Mr Grinling. If you're feeling really creative and you have a large enough pieve of paper, get an adult to draw round you! Around the edge of the picture can you write adjectives (describing words) to describe Mr Grinling and then turn those adjectives into a sentence? E.g. Mr Grinling is old and grumpy. Year 2s can you use conjunctions 'because' or 'but' in your sentences? Use the sheet to help you or draw your own Mr Grinling with pens. Try and use a thesaurus to improve your vocabulary. Try not to use the word 'nice' or 'good' ! 


Can you create a character description for another character from The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch? How about Hamish or Mrs Grinling? Maybe the pesky seagulls? Use adjectives and similes to make it interesting. E.g. He is as big as a mountain. Remember to use a thesaurus to help.  

Thursday :

Re-read the story or watch the video. Now close your eyes and picture the story setting. What can you see? What can you hear? Can you list adjectives to describe the story setting of LHKL? Draw your own or print the picture of the lighthouse and around the outside of the setting picture list adjectives to describe it. E.g. Tranquil, sunny, bright, noisy. Now create sentences using your adjectives. Y2s can you use smilies too? Try to use as many conjunctions as you can (and, but, because,so) E.g. The sea is calm and peaceful and the lighthouse is as tall as a skyscraper. 


Look back over your work from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday using a coloured pen can you check and edit your work? Have you used capital letters and full stops in the right places? Have you remembered capital letters for names (proper nouns)? Can you improve your adjectives by using a thesaurus? Have you checked your spellings? Use your home spelling book to check. Can you add any new adjectives or sentences?