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Week beginning 15th June Disney

As we head into our second week of Disney we hope you are enjoying this topic at home!  Have you watched any films as a family?  Hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! This week in Nursery we will continue with a dinosaur theme. Thank you to everyone who sent pictures in last week, we have really enjoyed looking at what you have been doing at home. Please keep sending them in! or


Weekly challenge! This week we would love you to try an experiment to do with freezing and melting. Can you find different ways to get the dinosaurs out of some ice? How many ways can you find to get them out? If you want to try making the eggs, put a dinosaur in a balloon and fill it with water. Tie a knot and freeze. Pop the eggs out of the balloon once frozen to reveal the dinosaur egg! If you don't have dinosaurs at home, please just use any small toy.

Some other ideas for you to try!

You could make a dinosaur and decorate it with scrunched up paper. Tissue paper works well but see what you have at home. Remember to scrunch those pieces up nice and tight!

Why not give these a go? Tissue box dinosaur feet! Just be careful not to fall over when you're stomping around the house! Please don't wear them on the stairs!

This game looks great fun, and will help you develop your throwing skills and co-ordination. It could be played inside or out. Can you throw a bean bag or pair of socks into the hoop? Play a few times and see if you can improve your score.

A fun and healthy snack idea!

Playdough is always a very popular activity here in nursery! We're sure you could have lots of fun, squishing and squeezing, rolling and shaping at home too!

Dinosaur Hunt! This looks sooo much fun, we will also do it in Nursery on Friday! Print off the clues (see link below) and hide them round the house, perhaps with a little prize at the end. Happy hunting!

Printable scavenger hunt clues