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Week Beginning 13th July 2020 Sports Day and Teddy Bears Picnic

Welcome to the final week of term!  Hooray!!  Well done everyone for getting through to the end of term!  We know it has been a busy and challenging time for you all. This week we should have been having sports day and a teddy bears picnic.  We thought you might want to do these things at home to have a fun final week! There are some ideas below to inspire you but please do whatever suits your family and fits in with the time and resources you have.  Please send pictures to us if you're happy to share them on the website.   or

How about having a mini sports day at home? You could set up different races or events in your garden. If you don't want it to be competitive, you could try small physical challenges such as how many balls can you get in the washing basket in one minute! See if you can involve lots of skills such as: throwing and catching, moving in different ways (running, hopping, skipping, jumping), balancing etc.

We will be having a teddy bears picnic in our Nursery bubble at the end of the week. This is such a fun thing to do at the end of the year, its a shame we can't all do this one together as we had planned. Here are some ideas you could try at home.