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Wed 24th June

Welcome to Wednesday!

It's  STEM Clubs Week 22-26 June: free online event for families and educators featuring challenges, career talks, webinars and more. The theme is sustainability.

English Main Activity

You have written many Non Chronological Reports during your time at school, most recently on The Ganges. If you are confident to use your plan to get started, go for it. If you want to be reminded of some of the features, keep reading. Remember to look back at the examples from yesterday. 

Watch this video about how to write Non Chronological Reports. It is on a different subject matter to yours but the features will be the same.

Listen out for:


Sub headings

Present tense

Audience - age


Proof reading

Add images

How to write reports with BBC Sport | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Here is a sample template for your Non Chronological report - feel free to come up with your own layout.

Your task for today is to write up your notes into a Non Chronological report on the habitat of your choice. Use the checklist above to ensure you have included all of the features. It would be a good idea to add photos or drawings to your work. Some of you may want to split the write up over two or more days. We would love to see some of the finished ones - email to the school office and your work will get passed onto your teacher.


Read yesterday's explanation from Zoe (and Ms Garland)

Maths starter 

Remember to explain your reasoning ...

Year 6 Daily Maths Tasks - today we are continuing with Week 8 - Lesson 3 

Converting Metric Units of Measure 

watch the video then try the worksheets and check your answers 

Environment News!