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To help support and expand your child's vocabulary, please encourage them to look up words they may be unfamiliar with using a dictionary and/or thesaurus. Looking up synonyms for new vocabulary can be an excellent way to more confidently start to use new words as children experiment with language.

Generating the habit of exploring a new word each day is something children are all already enjoying in school and, if this is also done at home, we expect children to rapidly expand the vocabulary they readily have at their disposal. Picking a word each day to use in conversation, to find a synonym (similar meaning) and antonym (opposite meaning), discussing how each day's word is used in context e.g. as a noun, adjective, verb or adverb - and sometimes as both e.g. to strike (v) and a strike (n) - is a very useful exercise to do at home that will reinforce on-going vocabulary learning and development at school. Vocabulary challenges can also be completed and the 'grammar and punctuation summary' on the English page (SPaG section) could help with terminology used.