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Practise your phonics, go to for more games.

Reading Year 2 Common Exception Words

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See if you can read the words along to the video and practise spelling them too. Have fun and go to for more word reading games. Go to Oxford owl for school reading books.

Reading Year 1 Common Exception Words

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See if you can read the words when you see them on the video. For more more reading and phonics games to

Counting in 5s

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Counting in 2s

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Counting Forwards and Backwards in 10s

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1. Nouns - Do a noun hunt around the house, make a list of what you can find. You could make it competitive and see who can find the most in 5 minutes, or who can find the most unusual nouns, or give it a theme e.g. nouns linked to cooking, art, nature.
2. Interesting Adjectives - Pick one over used word a day, write it on a piece of paper and then using colourful pens/pencils write as many alternatives for that word as you can. E.g. big - colossal, vast, enormous, grand etc. Some word to get you started could be nice, small, loud, quiet, old, new, kind, mean, silly, happy, sad, scared, and pretty. To find alternatives for words you could use a thesaurus if you have one, use the synonyms tool in word (right click on the word and then go to the synonyms option).
3. Verbs – Join in with the verb song can you make up your own verses with different verbs? You can play Simon says and use imperative verbs for the instructions e.g. clap, hop, spin, run, sit, stop, jump. You could write instructions for how to make or cook something and write all the verbs (e.g. cut, chop, mix, attach, paint) in a different colour.
4. Adverbs – You could play Simon says again but this time add adverbs to make it even more fun! E.g. clap slowly (clap it the verb – it tells you what to do and slowly is the adverb – it tells you how to do it), run quickly, click quietly, spin gracefully, sing beautifully etc. You could also play with adverbs while you are reading e.g. read that sentence again – quickly, slowly, gruffly, fearlessly, boldly, timidly, shyly, thoughtfully, quizzically. How many different types of voice can you do?

Wonderful Handwriting Tips

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We encourage children to write on lots of different surfaces, with a variety of equipment. Writing should be a creative and enjoyable experience. We also want children to feel proud of their writing. Here are some top tips for helping children to sit correctly to allow them to control their handwriting effectively.

Reading Strategies

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When you start reading with your children, remind them of the strategies they can use to help them read. Watch this video together. As your child reads, encourage them to use these strategies and praise them when they have attempted to use a strategy e.g. 'Well done re-reading that part, does it make more sense now?'

Spanish Singing

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This is a video of the children singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Spanish. There are lots of children's songs in Spanish on YouTube that you can watch and learn.