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VE Day Celebrations

Scarlett has been busy getting ready for VE day. She decorated some bunting, that was hung up in the garden, helped to bake and decorate cakes using the colours red, white and blue, had some regal tattoos on her arm and had a VE day picnic. It looks like you had great fun celebrating Scarlett!

Grace helped bake and decorate some cupcakes in red, white and blue, she then had a VE day celebration picnic with her brother William. The cakes look very tasty Grace! I hope you had fun at your picnic.

Jakub had a teddy bears picnic. He made a hat and some rice crispy cakes for the party. It looks like you had lots of fun Jakub.

Grace used some lovely patterns to decorate her bunting and she made a bracelet by threading red, white and blue cheerios onto a pipe cleaner. What a great idea!

Aadya made a party hat out of paper. I like the way you have decorated it with flowers and leaves. It looks beautiful!

Isla has been very busy creating lots of decorations for VE day. Your hat is beautiful Isla and you have coloured and painted the bunting very carefully. The aeroplane is awesome!

Henry has made some cakes to celebrate VE day. You have used very patriotic colours Henry. They look fab!