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Tuesday 9th June

Hi everyone - Welcome to Tuesday!

Who is your favourite Disney hero or heroine?

English Task:

Today we are going to be looking at heroes and heroines.

Who is the hero or heroine in your favourite Disney movie? Make a list of the traits  or characteristics they have?

As a class or family - can you make a chart of the varying traits of the different heroes and heroines?

Which traits do they have that are similar; which ones are different?

Write a comparison between two different heroes and heroines. Use what is similar and different about them.

Fifteen of the most empowering female Disney characters of all time...

Yesterday's solution .. Well done Zoe

Year 5 Daily Maths Tasks

Year 6 Maths Daily Activities - REMEMBER  we are following White Rose Week 6

White Rose Maths - Equivalent FDP - watch the video and then do the worksheets.  

For extra practice go to your CGP pages 37,38,39

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