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Tuesday 28th April

Message from Miss Knight

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Good Morning Year 3/4

Today is James' Birthday!  Hope you have a great day celebrating James!

April 28th is National Great Poetry Reading Day!

It is a day dedicated to celebrating fantastic Poetry and the poets that wrote them.

Some of the well-known, great poets include William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Frost, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, and T.S. Eliot.

What is your favourite poem? Perhaps you could perform it for your family, copy it out and add your own illustrations, or even create some fabulous poetry of your own.

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Here are your daily maths and English tasks - remember to do your best and DON'T worry is you find things tricky - just have a go!

Now you have finished your English and Maths, remember to let all the Year 3/4 teachers know how you are getting along. We really love hearing about all the amazing home learning you are doing!

The Year 3/4 Teachers.