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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good Morning! We would like to wish Jacob and Isaac Perry-Stevens and Lucy Gosling a very Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday

Did you know that today is also the Queen's birthday?


Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926. Can you work out how old she is? She also has an official birthday when there is a public celebration on the second Saturday in June. You can find out more here:


Daily English Task: Subordinating Conjunctions

Listen to the song and collect the subordinating conjunctions that you hear. Create a list or poster to help you remember them.
Extension task: complete the worksheet or write some sentences of your own using some of them.

Have a go at the sheet before checking your answers on the second page.

Year 5 & 6 Maths Starter - email your solutions to the school office FAO Mrs Elliott

Year 5&6 'I See Maths' - watch the video and try the task

Year 5 Daily Maths Task

Think about what you learnt yesterday on adding decimals, watch the video again and complete the activity below.

Year 6 Daily Maths Task

Think about what you learnt yesterday about scale factors and practice your skills; find your CGP book and complete pages 44 and 45 - Scaling.