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The grammar focus this week is reported speech and recognising the difference between direct and indirect/reported speech. This will be very useful next week during our work on Newspaper Reports. Work your way through the Powerpoint and have a go at the activity. If you are off all week, keep reminding yourself of the differences and come up with your own examples.




Today we are going to learn about life in the trenches. You may already know lots from your history lesson. Watch these videos and explore the webpage to find out more about what life was like for soldiers in World War One and the trenches.


Listen to the clip below and look at the pictures. Using figurative language, describe what you can see and hear. If you can't remember what figurative language is, look at the MAPOS document to remind you.


Sound clip (warning: some may find this upsetting or scary. Please only listen to as much or as little as you like):




Figurative Language