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Tues 23rd June

Welcome to Tuesday - we hope you enjoyed the start of our nature topic...

English Main Activity

Go on a walk in your local area or explore your garden if you have one. Use the Scavenger Hunt checklist to help you or just make notes on what you see, hear and smell. Over the course of today and tomorrow you will be using the notes you make to compile a 'Fact File' (Non Chronological report) on area you choose to explore. Whatever area you choose to explore you MUST speak to an adult about where you want to go and ask them to accompany you.


Suggested areas:

Your garden

Lakes (in Cambourne)

Nature reserve

Local park with wild area


There is a folder with some examples of Fact Files to remind you of the correct layout.


Today you need to complete a plan for your Non Chronological Report/Fact File. Think about the title, sub headings and where your images/drawings may go. You can use the example plan template if that helps you. Remember a plan needs to include key facts and notes not full sentences.

How to guide- listen to Mrs Samuels's explanation


Maths starter 

Have a go at this ... explain your reasoning 

If you want to share your answer please send it to Ms Garland via school office 


Yesterday's solution..

I'm sure those of you like Ayaan who tried this found lots of different ways of finding 85% 

e.g. find 10%, halve it to find 5% then add these two together for 15% and this amount can be taken away from the total for 85% 

other ways - find 50%, 25%, 10% and add together 

                     find 10% and multiply by 8, then add 5% 


Year 6 Daily Maths Tasks 

REMEMBER  we are on WR - Week 8 - Algebra 

Watch the video then try the worksheets, then check your answers 

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