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Topics and activity suggestions

Our topic this half term is Space and Aliens! Look at the year 1/2 gallery page (on the year 1/2 page) to see what we have been doing already. During these exciting weeks we will be learning all about our solar system and how it compares to our own planet. We will be investigating our local environment and exploring what life needs to survive. We will be looking at recreating the space artwork of Peter Thorpe and will be experimenting with different media, such as oil pastels and chalks. We will have fun making our own straw rocket models and in computing we will be programming our own cartoons of aliens zooming into space. For full details of what we will be covering in our lessons please see the curriculum section of our website.

Home Learning 


Here are some suggestions for activities and learning you could try at home linked to our topic. This half term our topic is 'Space and Aliens'. If you have other ideas that are different to the ones we've listed, feel free to do them! Please bring your home learning projects into school as we would love to see them!



This half term in English we will be exploring descriptive writing and narratives.

You could...

Cook or bake some space biscuits then write a list of the ingredients to share with your friends so they can try and make your ideas at home too!

Make your own spaceship and describe the features of it and the alien who travels in it.

Write a story about your space alien and all the adventures they would go on. 

You could write a letter to NASA describing why you think you would make a great astronaut. 

Write about what you would be able to see on your journey into space.



This half term in maths...


Year 1: we will be continuing our work on number and place value, measurements and doing lots of work on addition and subtraction.


At home you could...

Think of creative ways of showing your number bonds to 10 and 20.

Practise addition and subtraction with household objects.

Draw a number line or hopscotch with chalk on the floor outside and play jumping games on it.

Make collections of natural objects (conkers, pine cones, leaves etc.) and measure them. You could order them from shortest to longest, and use a ruler to check your predictions. 

Practise counting forward and backwards to 100 starting from any number.

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.  


Year 2: we will be continuing with multiplication and starting to learn about division. We will also be starting work on fractions, particularly halves, quarters and three-quarters of objects and numbers. Finally we will be exploring simple statistics. 


At home you could...

Practise your 2, 3, 5 and 10 timestables and the related inverse division facts.

Make a sandwich and cut it into halves and quarters.

Explore the wildlife in your local area and make a tally chart to show what you have found.

Continue to practise number bonds to 100 (addition and subtraction).

Mental Maths: adding and subtracting 10s and 1s mentally, eg. 71 + 10 = 81, 46 + 30 = 76 or 57 - 9 = 48



In science we are learning about Animals including Humans.


At home you could...

Keep a food diary to see how healthy and balanced your diet is.

Design a healthy balanced meal on a paper plate.

Research an endangered animal and create a fact file.

Become a personal trainer for the day and teach your family an exercise programme.

Look at the life cycle of an unusual animal.


Art & DT

In Art we are exploring and recreating the works of Peter Thorpe, famous space artist, using oil pastels and chalk.

You could…

Create your own space art. Explore materials you could make art from in your house. Experiment with things you already have, e.g. printing with forks, cotton buds, toilet rolls, foil, string, bubbles using washing up liquid and paint. Can you use more than one art skill for your design? E.g. printing, collage, colouring. Have lots of fun experimenting as much as you can and then use your favourite elements to make your final piece.