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Topics and activity suggestions

Our topic this half term is Castles and Fairy Tales! During these exciting weeks we will be going on a school trip to Warwick Castle, learning about the features of castles and telling traditional tales. For full details of what we will be covering in our lessons please see the curriculum section of our website.

Home Learning 


Here are some suggestions for activities and learning you could try at home linked to our topic. This half term our topic is 'Castles and Fairy Tales'. If you have other ideas that are different to the ones we've listed, feel free to do them! Please bring your home learning projects into school as we would love to see them!



This half term in English we will be making fact sheets about castles and then doing some creative writing.

You could...

Find out about real life castles.  Maybe you have visited one?

Find out about a king or queen from history and write a newspaper report about what they have done.

Write a fairy tale character poem.

Pretend to be a knight then write instructions for how to be a knight.

Draw a picture of a fairy tale character and then describe them. What do they look and act like?

Act out a fairy tale or use home-made puppets to tell a story.



This half term in maths we will be doing a lot of work on number and place value.

You could...

Draw a number line or hopscotch with chalk on the floor outside and play jumping games on it.

Make collections of natural objects (conkers, pine cones, leaves etc.) and compare them. Sort objects by shape, size, weight, colour, if they float or sink. There are so many ways to sort! 

Practise counting forward and backwards to 100.

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.  



In science we are learning about forces. 

You could...

Try making your own catapult

Explore pushes and pulls around your house or at the playground. What forces can you spot? (E.g. pushing a swing, pulling a drawer open, pushing a door closed)


Art & DT

In Art we are exploring moving mechanisms!

You could…

Make your own fairy tale picture with a slider to make a character move.

Make a castle with a working drawbridge.