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Topic Task 2: Stone Age Drama

Topic Task 2: Stone Age drama and speech / thought bubbles


Q1: What was daily life like during the hunter-gatherer period and  once they settled into farming life and built communities?

Q2: What were the different roles of men, women and children during these different Stone Age periods?

Main task:

Using all the knowledge you've gained during your research for the Stone Age - create a short 2-minute play (you can use anyone else in your house too!) showing how you think a Stone Age family might behave in daily life.

Maybe your family are hungry and it's up to you to hunt and gather some food for their dinner or maybe your play is set in the Neolithic age when people had mainly stopped travelling around and were working hard to set up farms and build a more permanent community.

You could take some photos in a freeze-frame pose and add some speech and thought bubbles to show that you understand the roles of different people during this time - remember you can make it funny! (There are some Stone Age Challenge cards on Twinkl which have some good ideas.)

Here is an old example of freeze-frame pictures and speech bubbles (faces of children hidden).

Could you add thought bubbles? Remember what someone says and thinks can often be very different!