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Topic Task 1: Stone Age Mind-map

Topic Task 1: Stone Age research using a mind-map to organise notes into    sections


Q1: What do you already know about the Stone Age? Can you think of two facts? 


Q2: What two questions would you ask to try and find out some more things about the Stone Age?

E.g. What kinds of foods did Stone Age people eat and how did they cook it?

        or As time went on, why did Stone Age hunter-gatherers stop moving around?

You could design a title page like the one below and try to find the answers to your questions. 

Main Task:

1. Design a Stone Age mind-map (see example) to organise all your  notes.


Q: What sub-sections might you need? E.g. Hunter gatherers / Homes / Food / Tools / Discoveries / Animals / Clothing etc

Extension task: Design a 3-colour mind-map with notes from the 3 periods of the Stone Age : Palaeolithic (Early Stone Age) / Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) / Neolithic (New Stone Age)

Research materials - here is a list that might help you but also feel free to use other websites, non-fiction books etc.

Learner Guides:

  1. What was pre-historic Britain like?
  2. How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live?
  3. Who were the first farmers?

Class Clips:

1.42 mins - What happened in pre-historic Britain?

  • Twinkl: put UKTWINKLHELPS into the Twinkl website offer to access all their resources. Type in Stone Age to Iron Age and loads of resources are available. Good for this task would be: 

1.  PowerPointsIntroduction to the Stone Age / What did they eat? / Stone Age Homes/ Stone Age farming / Stone Age food / Stone Age clothing etc

2. The Stone Age History ebook has lots of information in.

3. The Pre-historic factsheet

3. There are different Stone Age comprehension sheets as well.