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Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning Year 3/4

Today is St George's Day! 


Saint George is the Patron saint of England but did he actually slay a dragon? Find out more in the fact file below. Perhaps you could create a St George's Day factual poster after you have finished your daily activities.

For all of you keen mathematicians there is also a St George's themed maths mystery activity in the Year 3/4 Home Learning Additional Activities folder for you to have a go at. Year 3's can you solve the mystery of the missing shield? Year 4's can you solve the mystery of the missing horse?

Here is today's picture to ask your grown ups about:

What do you think it is?

How big do you think it is if you picked one up?

What do you think you have to do when it is full?


Here are your daily maths and English tasks - remember to do your best and DON'T worry is you find things tricky - just have a go!



Well done on finishing your daily maths and English! Remember if you want to keep working, there's lots more to do on our Y3/4 web page. Maybe call someone you don't speak to that often - a grandparent, aunt or uncle. Perhaps you could ask them about an invention that was new in their life time.

 “Ka-Chow!” another day down and more tasty knowledge crammed into our brains. You have nearly finished a week of tasks. Remember to check in tomorrow for your final challenges before the weekend! If you are finding things a little tricky remember this…

“Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance. You have the chance!” Can you guess the film?

Bye for now ...

The Y3/4 teachers