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The grammar focus this week is reported speech and recognising the difference between direct and indirect/reported speech. This will be very useful next week during our work on Newspaper Reports. Work your way through the Powerpoint and have a go at the activity. If you are off all week, keep reminding yourself of the differences and come up with your own examples.


If you have not yet written your poem about life in the trenches, then please look at the work set for Wednesday. If you have been in school, one of your English lessons may have been guided reading so your class will be a lesson behind. If you have written your trenches poem then today you are going to continue it, edit and improve and then publish your work in best. Look at the template below. You can either print off this template or have a go at drawing the silhouette yourself and designing your own 'best' sheet. Then write your poem up in neat, using your best, cursive handwriting.