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Thursday 11th June

Hi everyone - Thursday already!

Daily English Task: Reading comprehension and inference

Choose a song from the Disney songs powerpoint/PDF, click the link to listen to it and then answer the questions.


Choose 3 or 4 images from the pictures powerpoint/PDF and answer the questions



Choose a Disney song or image and write some questions of your own. Why not share them so we can have a go at answering some of them?

Yesterday's solution - well done to Ayaan and William F for sending in their solutions


Year 5 Daily Maths Tasks

Year 6 Daily Maths Tasks - REMEMBER  - we are on White Rose Week 6

White Rose Maths - PERCENTAGES OF AMOUNTS - Watch the Video for Lesson 4 (Week 6) then try the worksheets.. 

For extra practice go to your CGP book and try pages 46 & 47

WR - Percentages of Amounts

Percentages of amounts (2)

Badges News!