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Stone Age Arts and Crafts

Stonehenge by Tom in Year 5

Stone Age hand painting by Eva in Year 6

Year 5/6 Stone Age Art Ideas

We thought you might like to try one of these creative projects Let us know how you get on and share any work via Instagram or email. We will send some more ideas for the Bronze and Iron ages after half-term

Here are a few video clips to watch to get you started:

History of Stonehenge

National Geographic

History bombs

 1. Stonehenge model

watch this video

and maybe have a go at making your own Stonehenge ( or Spongehenge) model

 - you will need sponge, cardboard, paint and glue.


2. Create a watercolour silhouette painting of Stonehenge






3. Cave painting

watch these video clip about cave paintings  National Geographic   - 15 amazing cave paintings

Use chalks and paving slabs or stones to create your own cave art

4. Watch this tutorial about how to recreate your own cave art on paper  

5. Pen and ink art

Take a look at these tutorials for using pen for effective art techniques –  learn how to hatch, cross hatch, use random lines and stippling   24 easy doodle patterns – the virtual instructor   Shoo Rayner

Now use what you have learnt to recreate a scene or several scenes from the Stig of  the Dump story  - you could even make a comic strip using these techniques just using pen.

6. Stig’s Den

Read the descriptions of Stig’s den and build a den of your own (if you have space / garden) using recycled materials, or a model den.  You might be able to make a gadget out of odds and ends like Stig does – e.g. his gadget for catching rainwater or his stove-pipe.   (remember to check with adults that it is okay to use things you have at home). You could take photos of the building process or the final result.  You could write a short summary of how you built your den…

Try making your own iron age round house

Why not roll a cave painting?