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Spring Challenge

I like you toilet roll flower Toby! It was a good idea to add a stem. You look like you are painting very carefully, well done!

Well done Stathis! You made some lovely 2d shapes using flowers and it was a great idea to use the scissors to cut them to the correct length. I really like your toilet roll flowers. It looks like you were concentrating hard and I like your letters you have made using natural materials.

Grace used a small bottle to make a blossom tree. Well done Grace! I like the way you have painted some glittery flowers at the bottom of the tree.

Yuvan tried the toilet roll flowers. He enjoyed cutting, painting and stamping. Well done Yuvan! They look fab!

Well done Yuvan! They are great nature 2d shapes. You did well putting the flowers into the colander.

A lovely blossom tree Scarlett! I like the way you used your fingers as well to add some more blossom.

Wow! That is a great circle you made out of stones Scarlett. Well done!

Well done Henry, you managed to put the tulips into the holes. They are my favourite flowers! It makes a great hat!