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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


In Grammar this term we are 'Getting ready to Write' by focusing on sentence construction and word class.  Below are some useful links, games and activity ideas to experiment with at home:



Word Class videos (beware these are very catchy and may get stuck in your head!)

Word Class activities

1) Word Class Hunt:

Read a book (or have one read to you) and make a list of all the nouns/adjectives/verbs


2)Write a word class rap/song:

Describe what a verb/noun/adjective is in your very own song or rap (use the video links above to help). Can you write it down? Can you perform and record it?


3) Powerpoint Presentation:

Watch the powerpoint presentations and complete the activity at the end. 


4) Activity worksheets:

Complete the work sheets below:



Sentence Construction activities and ideas:

Activity packs, worksheets and Powerpoints:

Weblinks for inspiring writing and sentence construction 


To help us learn how to punctuate sentences we use Kung Fu Punctuation to act out and verbalise our punctuation. This helps us to understand how to use it in our writing. Can you act out the punctuation when saying a sentence? Use the resources below to help practise your punctuation. 



In year 1 and 2 we use phonics to help us spell new and unusual words. Making phonetically plausible attempts at words is expected and encouraged. We ask children to sound out these words to help spell them. However there are some words that children are expected to spell correctly by the time they leave KS1 and these are known as Common Exception Words (CEW). These word lists must be learnt and spelt correctly in all their writing. 

Phoneme mats to help sound out (segment) new and unusual words

Common Exception Word lists 

These words must be spelled correctly by the end of the year.

Spelling websites

Children have been issued an individual log-in to access Spelling Frame. This site provides spelling games and lists to help children practise and master spelling rules. It also uses coloured syllables to help children recognise sounds within words. Lists can be found for Year 1 - Year 6. Any child of any age can access any year-group list according to their spelling ability and the level of challenge they would like to set themselves. We would encourage you to help your child access this site at home wherever possible. Children who have trialed it have enjoyed it and we are seeing an improvement in their spelling competence and confidence.