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Solutions to yesterday's starter

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Isabella has found 11 countries where the number 2 is a two-letter word - well done!

Nikki has found lots of four-letter words meaning 4 - brilliant!

Maria found lots of answers - great work!


In hungarian number 4 is negy so that is related to them. In Africaans it is vier, in Swedish is fyra.
Other numbers and languages:
In Greek 5 is πεντε
In Spanish Portuguese cinco
In Italian 3 is tre 
In Chinese and Japanese three is san
In Mongolian 6 is  зургаа

Eilidh found an answer for most the numbers up to 10 - fantastic!

This is my answer to your maths starter:

1  no examples
2 e.g. Basque (bi), Norwegian (to)
3 e.g. Swedish (tre), Norwegian (tre), Welsh (tri)
4 e.g. Norwegian (fire), Dutch (vier), English (four)
5 e.g. Arabic (hamza), Spanish (cinco), Greek (pente)
6 e.g. Welsh (chwech)
7 no examples
8 e.g. Arabic (themania)
9 e.g. Basque (yhedskan)
10 no examples

Anahita has translated numbers into different languages