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Solutions to yesterday's starter

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Ayaan has found the biggest number, which is   2222    -this is an enormous number!



Ayaan sent these answers:

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Maths Solutions-29/04/20

Q1.  How to make 8 with four 2s?

2 to the power of 3 equals 8


Q2.  How to make 9 with four 2s?

                22 divided by 2 makes 11 then take away 2 equals 9 or

                3 power of 2 equals 9

22/2-2=9 or ((2/2)+2)2 =9

Q3. What is the highest number you can make by four 2s? 

The highest number you can make with four of 2s is 64.

                2 power of 6 equals 64


    Alex Sorrell (Hardwick) Y/5

Anahita sent this solution:

Eilidh's answers:

 Q1) (2x2)+(2+2)
Q2) (2/2)+2x2x2=9
Q3) 2^(2x2x2)
Q4) unanswerable*
* Q4) is unanswerable because if you include negative numbers then you can go on forever.
Eilidh MacDonald

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Here’s my answer for today’s Maths Challenge.


A way to make 8 could be: (22)+(2+2)=8

A way to make 9 could be: (22÷2)-2=9

The biggest number you can make is: 49,284 (2222)

The smallest number you can’t make is any number below -482, it could be -1,000,000,000,000,001 (minus A quadrillion and one) or -483 (minus four hundred and eighty-three)


From Zoe (Hardwick)

Izzy's answers:


Here are my answers for today’s Maths starter:


1.     I can’t find another way

2.     e.g. 2 cubed, + 2, divided by 2, + 2 squared  (8 + 2 = 10) / 2 = 5 + 4 = 9

3.     88

4.     0


Today was a hard Maths starter.


I miss all of the teachers,