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Solutions to yesterday's starter

Rishan thinks that the total has to be even. Is he right? Can you prove it?

Ayaan's solution

Alex's solution

 Ms Garland’s method  to solve Monday’s starter -   Number lines 2

1 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11

I noticed that there have to be 10 numbers on the outer circles and one in the middle, which is common to each strand.  Each strand must add up to the same total.

First, I worked from each end to find the middle number … which is 6

I then paired the other numbers

1 + 11,   2 + 10,   3+ 9,    4+ 8,   5 +7  (each pair makes a total of 12)

So if I put 6 in the middle space and the other pairs either side then I will always have a total of 18!

Sahasra's solution

William has 2 solutions

Zoe's solution

Anahita's solution

Isabella's solution

Extra challenge from Mrs Elliott