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Solution to yesterday's starter

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This was actually a trick question. If you met a man as you were going to St. Ives then everyone else was coming away from St. Ives, so the answer is actually 1!


If you worked out the number coming away it would be:


7 + 72 + 73+ 74= 7+ 49 + 343 + 2401 = 2800, then the man and yourself so 2802

Here is my Alex’s solution:

There is only one person who is going to St. Ives because she or he only met a man and the man was not going to St. Ives.

Here’s Zoe's answer:

I think that only one person was going to St. Ives. Because ‘when I was going to St. Ives’.  it’s a riddle and all the wives, sacks, cat and kittens are just trying to distract you from the question.

If everybody was going to St. Ives there would be 2802 going to St. Ives.

Here's Maria's answer:


I think there were 2802 going to St Ives.
The man has 7 wives
For every 1 wife there are 7 sacks so you do 7x7 to get 49 sacks.
For every 1 sack there are 7 cats so you do 7x49  to get 343 cats.
For every 1 cat there are 7 kits so you do 7x343 which is 2401 kits.
Then you have to work out 7+49+343+2401 which is 2800.
There is also the man which has the 7 wives so that would make 2801.
There is also the person that was going to St Ives and met a man with 7 wives... so that would make 2802.

This is what William thinks: