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Smaug's Diary

Welcome to Smaug’s diary page.

Check in regularly to see what Smaug has been upto during lockdown. Just scroll down to see his exciting adventures!

This year Miss Miles’ class were very happy to welcome a new student into our classroom but this was no ordinary student. Meet Smaug the Bearded Dragon and find out what he has been up to. 

Before getting Smaug, the children worked very hard researching Bearded Dragons and learning all about his needs. What can you remember? 

Year 3/4 students in Miss Miles' class took it in turns to care for Smaug by feeding him, giving him water and cleaning his vivarium (he was very messy). However, he soon became a loved member of the class as he was often caught waving or watching the children.  

Happy Summer Holidays 2020 Love Smaug!

Friday 17th July

Unfortunately we do not know the exact day that Smaug was born but we do know that he is around 13 months old. To celebrate him turning 1, I decided to recreate one of his first photos when he was 8 months old. Do you think he has grown now that he is 1? 

Wednesday 15th July

Smaug is now just over 1 year old and is nearly an adult. He is 13 months old and an adult bearded dragon is 18 months old. When he first came to school he was 8 months old. Today he was measured and weighted to check if he was healthy. A healthy adult bearded dragon weights around 10 to 18 ounces. After a nice breakfast, Smaug weighed 10.1 ounces. When Smaug was measured he was 42cm from head to tail. 41cm to 56cm is a perfect length for a 12 month bearded dragon. 

Monday 13th July 

Today Smaug was exploring but like all great explorers he had a great barrier to overcome. Some explorers sail across oceans or climb Mount Everest but Smaug had his own challenge. Stairs! Watch the video to see if he overcame this challenge to get back to his vivarium. 


Still image for this video

Blue Bearded Dragon 

After working hard on his beautiful painting, Smaug definitely needed a long soak in the bath. Look at the colour of the water! It looked like a swimming pool and he was very happy splashing around. 

Blue Bath .MOV

Still image for this video

Wednesday 8th July 

I love art! It was raining outside so I decided to do some artwork with Smaug. Animal-made works of art have been created by apes, elephants, cetacea, reptiles, and bowerbirds, among other species. I thought it was time that Smaug had a go using safe materials. With lots of waxworms for motivation, Smaug created this beautiful piece. What do you think? 

Painting .MOV

Still image for this video

Monday 6th July 

Bearded dragons have very interesting feet. Bearded dragons have 5 toes each with a long, curled claw which helps them to grip onto different surfaces. It is also perfectly normal for bearded dragons to have one very long toe as it is supposed to help them with their climbing. Unfortunately, it is common for bearded dragons to lose their toes but this doesn't usually affect their ability to move around. Bearded dragons can lose their toes when their skin doesn't shed properly as the old, tight skin can cut off the blood circulation. Bearded dragons do have bones in their toes but they are incredibly flexible so it can bend in lots of directions. I was horrified when I first saw Smaug's toes as I thought he had broken them but it is just his bendy toe bones! 

Today Smaug made a paw print. Next year we can look back at his paw print to see if he has grown at all. 

Thursday 2nd July 

I think it is fair to say that Smaug is doing okay in his intelligence tests. He was able to retrieve the grub by walking around the blanket...EVENTUALLY! He was also able to knock over the cup once to retrieve his waxworm. He hasn't managed to do this again. It all comes down to the final intelligence challenge. Come on Smaug! 

In the wild, bearded dragons would have to problem solve as there is nobody there to help them. In a life or death situation, Smaug would need to adapt in order to survive. Today's challenge involves a light blanket. Carefully placing it over his head, will Smaug be able to free himself? Take a look at the videos to find out!

The blanket is carefully placed.

Still image for this video

The epic conclusion to Smaug's intelligence trials!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 1st July

Today we are continuing the theme of intelligence as I know deep down that Smaug is a clever bearded dragon. Today's test is all about overcoming obstacles and problem solving. In the wild, bearded dragons would have to hunt for their own food in order to survive. However, Smaug in captivity has a pretty easy life as I often hand feed him lots of delicious, tasty treats using the special reptile tweezers. Smaug has never had to hunt for his own food in the wild so is he able to problem solve to get a tasty treat? 

On offer today was, one of his favourite foods, a juicy grub. However, an obstacle is put between him and his dinner. He can either climb over the blanket or go around it. Watch the video clips to see what happens. Will Smaug's intelligence be proven after all? 

The obstacle is introduced.

Still image for this video

First method to retrieve the grub.

Still image for this video

5 minutes later...still waiting

Still image for this video

Did Smaug win or Miss Miles give up?

Still image for this video

Monday 29th June

Did you know that Bearded Dragons are intelligent creatures? They can learn and recognise their owners or people who feed them. Bearded dragons are able to learn how to identify the people who feed them from others by using sight and smell. This week I have been testing Smaug's intelligence by placing one of his favourite foods under a cup. I wanted to see if he could work out how to get his food. (Waxworms) Unfortunately, Smaug decided the best approach was to stare at the cup.  Maybe he thinks he has telekinetic powers and can move the cup with his mind? That would be very clever. With lots of practise, he has managed to knock over the cup once to retrieve his waxworm but staring is still his favourite approach. 



Smaug vs Cup

Still image for this video

 Wednesday 24th June

What lovely weather we are having this week! Perfect weather for Smaug to come out of his vivarium as he won't get too cold. I wish I had a swimming pool to cool off in this lovely weather. Today, I made Smaug a lovely pool to soak in. The water was deeper than normal so the bendy hide was used so he had somewhere to escape to if he got tired. He was a little unsure of the deep water at first but when I got out the waxworms, he didn't mind diving around to catch and eat them. 

Smaug's Outdoor Pool .mp4

Still image for this video

Tuesday 23rd June 

Bearded Dragons can often be found digging in their vivarium. There are for two main reasons for this. The first reason is when their vivarium becomes too warm,  digging low helps them to find cooler spots in the vivarium. The second reason is when Females dig to create a space to hide their eggs when they lay them. I have never seen Smaug dig so I thought I'd create a space where he could have a go by using shredded paper. He didn't do any digging but he did do a large poo. While I was clearing up the smelly mess,  he decided to throw the shredded paper everywhere! Naughty Smaug! 

Monday 22nd June

Smaug is a true adventurer. He loves to explore his surroundings and climb everything! He frequently climbs the heat cage in his vivarium even though he is not allowed. He loves to climb all over the laptop while I'm working. Naughty Smaug. Today he was given a climbing frame so hopefully he would stop climbing everything else. Did it work...No. Smaug continues to climb absolutely everything, except his climbing frame! Naughty Smaug. 

Friday 19th June - REMINDER

Smaug has been practising his different poses in front of the camera. Year 3/4 students, have you remembered to email a photo of yourself to the office for our unique class photo? 


Wednesday 17th June

Summer is approaching. Not long to go now. Smaug is practising his driving skills ready to hit the open road in his VW bus. 

I hope he is a better driver than he is a footballer. 

Monday 15th June 

Some high street shops opened today. Do you know anyone who went shopping? Smaug went shopping to Fortum and Mason today to buy lovely jams and jelllies before settling down to watch Despicable Me 2. 

Friday 12th June

What a hot day but a shame about the clouds. However, the perfect weather to let Smaug outside for a picnic. He was very organised bringing his blanket, hat and water. What do you take when you go on a picnic? Smaug also packed a variety of tasty treats including cucumber, red pepper and apple all chopped into delicate pieces. But, his favourite treat was the waxworms which he ate greedily. When he was finished he had a scamper around the garden leaving his picnic unattended. What he didn’t realise is that Calcifer the cat wanted his picnic too! Calcifer helped himself when Smaug wasn’t looking.

Picnic 2 .mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 17th June

Every week I need to go shopping to buy Smaug his live food. He likes lots of different things including locusts, waxworms, mealworms and grubs. Smaug has been feeling very bored at home missing his friends at school so I thought he might like a ROAD-TRIP. He sat looking out of the window as we drove to the reptile shop. He loved looking at the different scenery out the window.  


Still image for this video

Monday 8th June

Is anyone else looking forward to the football starting? Smaug and I thought that we should start to practice our footy skills. Smaug has been training hard and is ready to become a premiere league player. What do you think of his skills?


Still image for this video

Friday 5th June

A new toy arrived for Smaug today called a 'bendy hide'. You can bend the toy to create different shapes like a tunnel or  bridge. This creates somewhere for the bearded dragon to hide and feel safe. Smaug loved crawling through the tunnel and over the bridge but someone else wanted to join in. Calcifer the cat wanted to join in with the fun!


New toy video .mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 3rd June 

Just like any other pet, there are a lot of things that you can buy for a bearded dragon. Smaug is a very lucky lizzard as he has lots of rocks, branches and hammocks. One of the stranger things you can buy for bearded dragons includes hats! Smaug tried this toy hat on today. 


Monday 1st June

Today Smaug enjoyed chomping down on a nice, tasty grub. Look at the photo carefully and you might be able to see the tip of his tongue. Bearded dragons' tongues are usually a vivid and pink colour except for the tip which is white and forked. A forked tongue is a tongue split into two distinct lines at the tip like a snake. Many reptiles smell using the tip of their tongue, and a forked tongue allows them to sense from which direction a smell is coming from. 


Wednesday 20th May 

Today it was time to buy some more food for Smaug but he is still not eating his locusts. I spoke to a specialist who said that he might be bored of locus and to try a different type of live food. He suggests fruit beetle grubs. He loves them! 


Warning: The video shows Smaug eating his grub and it is disgusting! Please check with your parents/ carers before watching. 


Still image for this video

Monday 18th May

As you know, Smaug loves to sit and look out of the window as I work. However, today he must have seen something he did not like as he puffed up his beard for the very first time. In the wild, bearded dragons are more prey than they are predators. Their claws are small and fragile so would not be much help in a fight. One thing bearded dragons can do is puff up their beards to make themselves look bigger and scarier. Their beards also turn BLACK which makes them look poisonous to other predators. 

Friday 15th May

Smaug continues to be a little terror as this week he has decided not to eat his food. Not even the LOCUSTS! So I spent a little bit of time with him hand feeding him. I think he likes the attention. 


Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th May 

Just like you, Smaug is getting bored of being at home. I can tell that he misses each and every one of you and all the cuddles he got. He was so bored of sitting at home that Smaug decided to go on an adventure! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Monday 11th May

Smaug was exploring again today and came across Calcifer's tunnel. I think Smaug thinks he's got another new present. I'm not sure that Calcifer the cat will be impressed if he finds out. I wonder if they will share it? Warning: The video includes Smaug eating a waxworm. 


Still image for this video

Friday 8th May 

Smaug has been feeling a little under the weather so I thought he deserved a present to cheer him up. Here he is with a brand new, larger basking rock. 

Wednesday 6th May

Smaug is very close to shedding his skin and having a warm bath can help him do this. But instead of his normal bath in a little plastic box, I decided to let him have his first swimming lesson in the bath tub! 

Bearded dragons can swim and it is very good exercise for them. However, you do need to keep a close eye on them in case they have a problem. The water was deeper than normal so that he could try to swim so I put his rock in there. This gave him a safe place to go to if he got tired.  

The bath tub needed a big clean afterwards!

Smaug's swimming lesson 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Smaug's swimming lesson .mp4

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May

It is nearing that time when Smaug needs to shed his skin. Take a close look at the photos. When the skin is ready to shed, it turns very pale when usually he is bright yellow and orange. Where do you think he is about to shed? 

Friday 1st May

Many people in my village are doing their daily exercise by taking a long walk. However, one neighbour was very confused when they looked up into my window. I don't think they were expecting to see Smaug. They very kindly sent me the photo they took at the time. If you take a long walk, be sure to look around carefully as you never know what you might see. 

Wednesday 29th April

Bearded dragons are very different to other pets as they don't play in the same way as cats or dogs for example. However, they still need some stimulus to keep them fit and entertained so this week we have been experimenting. Some bearded dragons have been known to play with a ball or laser pointer. These did not work. However, Smaug did enjoy playing with a mirror. He is only allowed to play with the mirror for around twenty minutes a day as otherwise it could make him feel stressed. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Monday 27th April

What has happened to the lovely sunshine? It has been replaced with grey clouds and lots of rain. This means that Smaug isn't able to play outside as it would be too cold for him. Remember bearded dragons are cold-blooded which means they rely on the sun (in the wild) to keep warm. 

Smaug does still enjoy looking out of the window still but someone else was grumpy about the rain. Calcifer, Miss Miles' pet cat. Together they sat happily looking out of the window at the weather. Remember cats and similar animals would be predators in the wild so it isn't safe to leave Calcifer and Smaug together. After the photo, Smaug was put back into his safe vivarium. 

Friday 24th April 

As you know, Smaug often scratches at the window of his vivarium asking to come out. So when I heard him scratching, I went to get him out but I didn't find him where I expected to find him. Usually he is pressed up against the window which is how he makes the scratching noise against the glass. This time I found him scratching at the corner of his vivarium on top of his basking rock. 

It turns out he was up to mischief...again! 

Smaugs vivarium has four plastic vents which allow lots of fresh air in. Can you see them in the pictures? These vents fit perfectly into pre-cut holes in the wood so they can easily pop in and out. This is perfect as it also allows the wires into the vivarium that power the heat and light. 

Smaug had been scracthing at one of the vents and managed to pop it partly open! Luckily there isn't enough room for him to escape as he is too big now. But something did escape...THE LOCUSTS! 

Naughty Smaug!

Wednesday 22nd April

Once again Smaug was given some locusts today. Locusts require a dry, hot environment just like Smaug which is why they are sat on the rock soaking up some heat. One brave locust also decided to venture where no locust has been before. 

Monday 20th April

After a long day of working it was time to relax with a movie night. Smaug decided he wanted to join in as he scratched at his vivarium door. Here he is snuggled up in a blanket behaving himself for once. 

Friday 17th April 

This photo was taken a little while ago but I completely forgot about it. If you have been looking at our school Instagram you will have seen a video about a roll of toilet paper.  Smaug makes a small appearance. Can you spot him? Before filming, Smaug decided that the toilet roll was a very comfy place to sit and wait. 

Wednesday 15th April

Just like the rest of us, Smaug needs to eat a healthy balanced diet although it is a little different to ours. All bearded dragons need a combination of vegetables and LIVE FOOD. Everyday, Smaug has waxworms mixed in with his food to encourage him to eat his vegetables. Otherwise, he leaves the vegetables on his plate! However, one of Smaug's favourite foods is locusts. You buy the locusts in a plastic container from the pet shop and they come in different sizes. Smaug has the large locusts. Before releasing the locusts into the vivarium, they need to be fed and coated in Smaug's supplements. (Can you remember the names of the supplements?) Look carefully at the photo, can you see the jelly-like food the locust is eating? You need the locusts to be healthy so that Smaug gets all the nutrients he needs when he eats them. 

Monday 13th April

When I'm working, Smaug enjoys sitting on the windowsill looking out for hours and hours without moving. (This was the inspiration behind the Easter writing challenge. Take a look at the school English page for more information.) Not long ago, Smaug received a new present. A hammock. Now he loves sitting on his hammock in his vivarium but what if I moved it onto the window? Well, he loves it! He climbs high up to get a better view and absorb the sunlight in the morning. 

Sunday 12th April

Even though these are strange times, Smaug's cheeky character has not changed. At school Smaug would love to climb his heat cage even though it is not supposed to be a toy. Take a look at the photos. The black cage is a wire box that sits around a bulb. The bulb provides heat for Smaug so it gets incredibly hot. The black wire cage stops Smaug from burning himself. Although, he thinks it is a climbing frame! Smaug loves to climb the cage to get close to the heat and flattens himself so he can absorb as much as possible. 

Thursday 9th April

Today is an exciting day for Smaug because a special treat has arrived for him! In his vivarium, Smaug has got his very own hammock. He loves jumping up onto his hammock to have a well deserved rest. 

Tuesday 7th April 

Smaug started shedding his skin today which is very normal for bearded dragons. Their skin will look dull when it is about to shed. After shedding, the fresh layer is bright and orange for Smaug. He will need extra baths this week to help him shed otherwise the old skin can become tight and uncomfortable. 

Sunday 5th April 

Every day, Smaug needs some vegetables which are sprinkled with his vitamins to keep him healthy. On the menu today was broccoli. Smaug was not impressed and decided to scatter it around the vivarium. Naughty Smaug!

Friday 3rd April

Today it was time for Smaug to take a bath. Bearded Dragons need to have a bath as it helps them shed their skin. The water needs to be lukewarm so that it doesn't burn the bearded dragon or make him ill from being too cold. Bearded Dragons can swim but the water shouldn't be deep and you should always keep an eye on them. The lukewarm water is very good for their digestive system but this means they might poo. When the bath is finished, it is important to dry Smaug off so that he doesn't get cold. 

Did You Know? Bearded Dragon urine is not a liquid but a white soft solid. Take a look at the photo, can you spot it? 

Smaug's Bath.mp4

Still image for this video

Thursday 2nd April

Smaug has had a busy day of chasing locus, climbing his branch and basking. He was fast asleep when I turned his light off and turned the heat down. I wonder what he is dreaming about? 

Tuesday 31st March

Everyday, Smaug needs to be fed fresh vegetables. Just like you, he likes to have something different everyday. Today Smaug had carrots and kale with wax-worms. Sounds delicious! You use the tweezers to pick up the wax-worms and sprinkle some calcium powder on there too. Smaug needs calcium for his bones. Can you remember the other supplement Smaug has? (Repton)

Sunday 29th March

Smaug loves sitting and looking out the window. I wonder what he is thinking about? 

Friday 27th March

Miss Miles tried to get some work done on her laptop but Smaug had different ideas. What he saw was a very exciting climbing frame. 

Wednesday 25th March

Once again, Smaug was not content sitting in his vivarium and demanded to go exploring. As it was a beautifully warm day, Smaug had an adventure in the garden. He waded through the long grass and basked in the sunlight. 

Friday 20th March 

Smaug decided he wanted to go exploring today. He scratched at the window of his vivarium, knocked his food out of the bowl and sat in his water bowl demanding to be let out. On his adventure, he wandered around the room, occasionally sprinting to something interesting before deciding to climb the bookcase.