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Reading at home

We recommend that your child reads or is read to for 30 minutes a day. Below are some suggestions and resources to help with this, but we stress that these are only suggestions and are not compulsory. Please do what works best for your child and family. 

What should my child be doing each day for reading?

Resources to help with reading at home

Handy Top Tips for reading with your child

Reading at home

It is vital that children read and are read to every day.  Children need to be exposed to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts in order to improve their vocabulary, spoken language and their writing. Try reading books, Ebooks, magazines/comics as well as food packaging, recipes and signs. Reading really is everywhere! Below are a list of web links and other suggestions to encourage and engage children with reading.   



Reading Planet E library 

Welcome to our new Elibrary where you will have access to Ebooks from EYFS up to year 6. It follows the same colour book band scheme as in school but with a vast range within each colour band and with a good mix of fiction and non-fiction texts. There are lots of interactive elements as well as notes for parents on how to help and what questions to ask. You will also find there is a quiz to complete after each book too! Children will be given a olour band to read from by their class teacher. However, your child may wish to read easier texts to younger siblings or have a harder text read to them using the 'read to me' tool. Below is a document that explains the colour band system if you are not familiar with it. 





password: readingplanet2020

(ignore the centre ID part)


For further explanation about how to access the Elibrary check out the pupil user guide once you have logged in. 

What do the colour bands mean?

Resources to help with questioning 

The '100 ks1 Books to Read' challenge  


Complete the list of 100 books to read using the form below and return to your class teacher for a prize!

Recommended Reading List for y1/2

Join your teachers for a story!!!

Elmer by David McKee read by Mrs Emery