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Rainforest Spring 1

The new term has begun with a great sense of excitement about our new topic, Rainforests.   The classes have been busy creating wonderful classroom displays of the layers of the rainforest, including many plants, animals, birds and trees.  They are all very proud of their work and the displays look fantastic.  .

In English, we will be writing non-chronological reports about the animals and birds that live in tropical rainforests and in maths we are continuing to develop our reasoning and problem-solving skills, alongside learning how to use efficient methods to multiply and divide. In music, we will be focusing on composition, creating our own human rainstorms!  We will be learning how to develop our skills in using powder paints whilst creating a rainforest scene in art.  PE will be about developing our skills in basketball and dance, whilst in RE we are learning about Judaism.  PSHE will focus on diversity and community.  In science our focus is on living things and classification and in DT  we will be designing and building a shelter. 

As you can see, we have a rich and varied half term of learning ahead of us.   May the excitement continue!