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Play script

You could use your English time this week to write a play script and maybe even perform it with your family!

Look at this PowerPoint about writing a play script

Q: What are the key features of a play script? Try to remember as many as you can before looking at these...

Fixed Fairy Tales Compilation

Choose one of these play script routes:

1. Rewrite a traditional fairy tale in play script form.

2. Write a play script where the story starts off the same but has a different ending - e.g. the three little pigs trap the wolf and make him work as their personal chef, preparing delicious meals for them.

3. Extension writing:

a. Invent a whole new fairy tale, in the form of a play script, using well-known characters

b. Invent a new fairy tale where your characters behave 'out of character'. Maybe you could change their personality types around!


Either print out this writing frame or use it as a guide to help you do your own:

Have you included all the key features from this checklist?

Here's all the info for play script writing on one page:

Perform your play!

You could always film your performance. What simple props could you make? 

Or you could always act it out using things you can find at home if your family aren't available!

Or, you could write a traditional or fairy tale as a radio play! Use this information and planning sheet to help you: