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Physical Development

Here are a few ideas to help develop your child's physical skills. At nursery, we spend time outdoors every day where possible. Even if its cold, try and get outside for some fresh air and activity as often as you can. 


  • Practise throwing and catching with balls, beanbags or teddies
  • Use scooters and bikes 
  • Play football or tennis 
  • Play games in the garden with siblings such as 'duck,duck goose' or 'stuck in the mud'
  • Climb trees, stairs, play equipment
  • Move in different ways: running, jumping, skipping, hopping, rolling 
  • Practise different ways of balancing 
  • Bounce on your trampoline
  • Play with hula hoops, skipping ropes, parachute games 
  • Can you make an obstacle course?
  • Do children's yoga. In Nursery, we use Cosmic Yoga (available on You Tube)
  • Dance along to 'Just Dance' or 'Boogie Beebies'.