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Other Home Learning

Isla made a fairy garden to celebrate a friends birthday. What a thoughtful idea!

Maia has drawn an amazing picture of Peppa Pig. I like their snouts Maia, well done!

Maia has been busy practicing her letter formation and writing letters independently, including an 'M' for Maia. She has also made an amazing pirate ship out of junk. I like your Jolly Roger flag Maia.

Grace has been practising her writing. Well done Grace, you are doing brilliantly!

Jakub has also been really busy. He recently got a new dog called Simba who he likes to read to.

Maia has been very busy at home doing lots of different activities. It looks like you have been having lots of fun Maia!

Maia has also been practicing her number skills. She has been writing numbers and placing them in the correct order. Great work!

Maia has been on some lovely walks, played with playdough and has been drawing. These look like great activities Maia!

Grace has been practicing her pencil control. Great work Grace! It looks like you drew over the lines very carefully.

It is lovely seeing Scarlett doing lots of fine motor skill activities. This will help her strengthen the muscles in her hands and wrists and will help improve her handwriting skills. Well done Scarlett!

Maarya did some lovely colouring in. It looks like you coloured them really carefully.

Henry has been playing maths and English games as well as a good old game of dominoes. Good job Henry!

Jakub has been having lots of fun at home. He has been doing some great maths, practicing writing his name, painting, watering and messy play. I like your different houses for the three little pigs Jakub.

Scarlett has been painting and completing puzzles.

Maia wanted to talk about her sunflower.

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Maia's whole family planted sunflower seeds. Maia labelled the sunflowers and hers was the only one that grew. Well done Maia! She measured how tall it had got. Maia also did some cosmic yoga.

Aadya made some flowers out of fruit. What a lovely idea! I hope the fruit was tasty.

Wow! What an amazing tiger you make Toby. It looks like you have been busy getting creative outside whilst enjoying the sunshine.

Takeru practiced writing Japanese letters and coloured flowers and butterflies. He also made a carp streamer by tearing coloured paper and sticking it down. He drew a beautiful picture of a rainbow and some tulips and has been practicing writing his name. Well done Takeru! It looks like you have been doing lots of lovely activities. Your picture is amazing!

Grace completed a puzzle with her brother William and made a banana cake with her mummy. The cake looks yummy Grace!

Henry has been out for some nice walks for his daily exercise.

I hope you enjoyed the Joe Wicks workout Grace. They make me very tired!

Grace has also been joining in with her brother's weekly challenges. The Chick is fantastic Grace and your butterfly is beautiful and looks symmetrical. It looks like you have been working hard and having lots of fun!

I am glad you are enjoying your broccoli Aadya. It is good to eat healthy food!

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I like your junk model creature Yuvan. You have added lots of detail.

This is a great rainbow experiment Henry! Yours worked really well!

It looks like you have been doing lots of exciting activities at home Maia! You are pouring very carefully! What are you growing?

Great number and letter formation Aadya! I bet the plants are enjoying the water in the warm weather!

Stathis has been busy. Well done Stathis! I love your pencil control.