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Maia made a stick man, decorated a stick using things she had found outside and played a caterpillar maths game. Great Job Maia!

Yuvan found some sticks and made the whole stick family. He also decorated a stick to make a magic wand.That looks a very long wand Yuvan! I like all the feathers you have used to decorate it, well done!!

Maia tested out some objects to see if they would sink or float.She also collected some leaves and cut them to create a superb Elephant. Great work Maia!

Isla has been enjoying this weeks nature topic. She painted a symmetrical butterfly, made a butterfly out of leaves, created a stick man and tested out natural objects to see if they would sink or float. They all look amazing Isla, well done! I especially like your stick man. He made me smile.

Yuvan got lots of natural items and tested which ones would sink and which ones would float. Afterwards, Yuvan pretended that the stones were sunken ships.

Scarlett created a stick man and made a beautiful creature out of leaves. Your stick man looks very happy. I hope he hasn't been off on anymore adventures! They both look amazing Scarlett, well done!

Aadya enjoyed testing out which natural items would float or sink. She was very surprised by some of the results.