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Multiplication and Division

Hello everyone, welcome back for some more maths fun! Year 2 maths this week is focusing on Multiplication and Division. Below is a list of possible activities and challenges covering these areas. Please read the following guidance to help you choose the best activities for your child.

  • In year 2 we learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables first, so work on these before then moving on to the 3 then 4 times tables.
  •  Use the Level 1 sheets to check your child has a basic understanding of the times tables. If they struggle with any, then work on them more before moving on. For the 2 times table pair socks and count the pairs in 2s, then practise counting the pairs of socks and saying the full number sentence e.g. 'three groups of two equals 6'. For the 5 times table and the 10 times table count using groups of 5 or 10 fingers or make bunches of pencils, cutlery or other household objects. You can also find songs to help children learn their times tables on youtube.
  • Use the Level 2 booklets to work on speed and fluency of times tables. Use these to help with any times tables your child needs to work on as well as ones they already know well. Children should be able to recall the division facts and spot multiples of numbers as quickly as they can say the normal 3x2=6 number sentences.
  • Vocabulary - In school we use lots of different vocabulary when we are talking about multiplication and division. The written calculations we call 'number sentences'. For multiplication we say 'times, groups of, multiply, multiplied'. For division we say 'divided by, shared by, groups of'. For equals we say 'equals, is, makes'. Your children should be familiar with all these words and you should use a variety of mathematical language when talking with your child.
  • Reasoning - It is very important children learn how to use their times tables to help solve problems and not just learn them by rote. Use the reasoning resources to help them use their knowledge of multiplication and division to solve problems.
  • Fun and Games - Maths is fun! This section contains board games and fortune teller templates to help children learn their times tables.
  • Times table rockstars - All year 2 children have a log on for the times table rockstars website, where they can practise their times tables. If you need to find out what your child's log on is, please contact the school office via email.
  • The White Rose maths website currently has some excellent videos for year 2 children learning about multiplication. They can be found here  in the weeks 5 and 6 tabs.  We highly recommend children watch one of these per day when they are doing their maths learning and answer the questions along to the video. They are also great for parents as they show you how multiplication is taught in schools currently.

For more information about how multiplication and division are taught, please see the school calculation policy that can be found on the maths subject page. Work through the activities at your own pace and don't worry if you don't manage to get everything done. We would rather provide you with lots of things to choose from than have you struggling for ideas! We will leave the maths work from each week on the website so you can always return to it at another time. If you would like any support please do email your child's maths teacher via the school office email address. We will be updating the maths page with resources for a different area of maths each week.


If you would like your work to be shared you can send photos to the school instagram page or email the school office for them to go on the website. Have a great week!