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Monday 8th June

Welcome back everyone; we hope you all had

a lovely weekend.

For the next two weeks we are running a whole-school theme on Disney to follow on from our fairy tales weeks.

This week in English we would like you to think about and explore some of your favourite Disney films. You can write book and character reviews and think about the different types of characters you find in Disney films including heroes/heroines and villians.

Daily English Task:

Q1. What films do you know?

Q2. What is your favourite film? Take a vote.

Q3. Why is it your favourite film? Think of 3 different things you like about it and try to explain these as fully as possible.

Q4. What are the range of reasons?

What different types of characters do you find in Disney films? e.g. the hero/heroine or villain... Make a list together.

Choose your favourite film and write a review.

Look at this example in the task outline PowerPoint, if you're not sure how to structure it.

There are 41 different Disney movies in this picture.

How many can you find?

Year 5/6 Maths 


Year 5/6 Starter - this week our starters are from 'Stick on the maths' - try matching the statements - if you want to send your solutions in please send to Ms Garland via the school office

Year 6 - this might be time to brush up your Spanish.. 

Try to listen to these audio clips from Mi Madrid - you can follow the conversation by reading the transcript and the translation 

Listen to one clip each day  - this will help you to revise your Spanish knowledge 

Clip 1: En el piso de Quique y Sofía (In Quique and Sofía's flat)

Clip 2: Cuento - El nuevo vecino Story (The new neighbour)

Clip 3: En el piso de Quique y Sofía (In Quique and Sofía's flat)

Clip 4: Canción - Mi barrio (Song: 'My neighbourhood')

Transcript and Translation - Mi Madrid