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Monday 6th July

Welcome to Carnival Week!!

In Year 5/6 we are going to start this week by looking at the Windrush generation and their journey from many Caribbean islands to come and live and work in the UK.

Take a look in today's English tasks...


Happy Birthday today to Aleena!


Happy Birthday!

Year 5s  -  The CB23 Virtual Careers Convention is coming!

On Thursday this week there will be time for you to explore all the activities at this Convention. You will find out about lots of different types of careers and you might find out about a job that will excite you and make you think about what you may do when you grow up! Do take the time on Thursday to look at the videos and complete the activities.  Have fun.  If you would like to send us your feedback, we'd love to hear from you.  


Great effort everyone for getting through your English and Maths tasks this morning. Why not try an Art activity this afternoon?