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Monday 30th March

Hello from Mrs Kerss

Good Morning Y3/4!


March in England is usually a beautiful month where the sun starts to shine and the first flowers are in bloom. What flowers can you spot from your windows?


Have a go at saying ‘March’ in different languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - sanyuè
  • Danish - marts
  • French - mars
  • Italian - marzo
  • Latin - Martius
  • Spanish – marzo






Here’s your daily maths and English tasks – do your best, but DON’T worry if you find things tricky – just have a go!  Do email the school office if you need help and a teacher will get back to you.


Now you've finished your daily maths and English, what else can you do today? Check out the other activities on the 3/4 page of our website. Check out the 'Story Time' link for a quiet break or the 'Indoor PE' link if you want to get active (or google PE with Joe Wick's for a daily workout!) Maybe set up a science experiment or spend some time drawing? What are you reading at the moment? Could you set up a cosy book corner in your house and lose yourself in a book? Maybe play a board game with family members or even have a go at making your own! Email the office with photos of your work or activities and a teacher will reply - or ask parent's to post on the school's Instagram. We'd love to see your work!

Whatever you end up doing, remember to be kind to others and help out with chores as much as possible. See you tomorrow for more daily tasks!

Bye for now...

The Y3/4 teachers