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Monday 29th June

Hi everyone - welcome to our second and final week of our nature topic. We hope you enjoyed doing some of the lessons and activities last week. Have a good look through this week to see what else takes your fancy!

YEAR 6 - if you are busy with the transition tasks set by your secondary school do not worry about completing the work on here.

Every day this week there will be daily tasks set for those who require structure. Year 6 may need to dip in out of the tasks due to CVC transition work and Year 5 may want to be inspired by certain aspects and run off with an idea. Year 5 - continue to use your CGP books and check out the CGP tab to get extra help for the topics covered. If you haven't collected your copies from school yet - don't worry as there is plenty on the here to keep you going. 

English Main Activity

Today you will need to read the comprehension text and the answer the related questions. There is a 1,2 or 3 star level of difficulty to choose from.

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