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Monday 27th April

Good Morning Year 3/4!


A message from Mrs Chambers

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Happy Monday

Today is Leon's Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day Leon!

The 27th April is also the day that famous inventor Samuel Morse was born in 1791.

He is famous for inventing a telegraph that only used one wire and helping to create 'Morse Code'.  Morse Code is a code that uses dots and dashes for letters of the alphabet, numbers and punctuation.

Can you use the code below to create your own message for your teacher to crack?



Here are your daily maths and English tasks - remember to do your best and DON'T worry is you find things tricky - just have a go!

Well done for finishing your Maths and English tasks.  Now why not have a go at some of the other fun learning tasks on the year 3/4 year group pages!