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The grammar focus this week is reported speech and recognising the difference between direct and indirect/reported speech. This will be very useful next week during our work on Newspaper Reports. Work your way through the Powerpoint and have a go at the activity. If you are off all week, keep reminding yourself of the differences and come up with your own examples.

Wartime Poetry



Today we are going to look at figurative language. This can include metaphors, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia and similes. 

First look through the powerpoint to learn or revise what each of these techniques are. Can you come up with examples of your own that link to life in the trenches?

Then look at the war poems. Create a word bank of figurative language and powerful vocabulary used in these poems. Remember these poems were not written for children and may contain lots of unfamiliar vocabulary. Use a dictionary to look up any new vocabulary and add them to your word bank if you would like to.