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Mon 15th June

Welcome to a new week!


A big Happy Birthday to Raseel! We hope you enjoy your day.

English task: today we're thinking about Metaphor poems based on an emotion.


Think about how emotions are personified e.g. colour, facial expressions, tone of voice.


Look at these simile and metaphor poems about sadness and anger:


I'm as sad as an odd sock with no one to wear it

as sad as a birthday with no one to share it

as sad as a teddy with no one to care for it

as sad as a firework with no one to light it

as sad as a strawberry with no one to bite it

as sad as a grey day with no sun to lighten it

as sad as a bonfire with no one to poke it

as sad as a puppy with no one to stroke it

as sad as a promise when somebody broke it.



I am a raging bull tearing down a corridor.

I am boiling water flowing through veins.

I am a thunderstorm brewing inside the brain.

I am blood surging along arteries.

I am a volcano erupting over towns and cities.


Choose one of the emotions or one of you own then plan your own simile or metaphor poem:

Use these questions to give you some ideas:

What colour is your emotion?

What food is it?

What animal is it?

How does it move? speak?

An example of an occasion where you might feel it (e.g. fear – after a nightmare, sadness – the end of a holiday)

Put these ideas together as a poem.


You could describe and draw the emotion as a person and personify it in your poem– e.g. love - a grandma with a soft shawl and a sweet voice. Wearing a pink skirt and smelling of palma violet sweets.

Year 5/6 Maths Starter

We continue with 'Stick on the Maths' - match the problem to the answer... 

You can email answers to Ms Garland via the school office.

Year 6 Daily Maths Tasks 

This week we are working on White Rose Week 7 - ALGEBRA 

On the web page you will need to scroll down to Week 7

Watch the video then try the worksheets 


Year 5/6 

Listen to the audio clips from Mi Madrid - you can follow the conversation by reading the transcript and check against the translation 

Listen to one clip each day this week to help you revise your Spanish knowledge 

Clip 5:En el piso de Quique y Sofia 

Clip 6: Cuento - La Tomatina 

Clip 7: En el piso de Quigue y Sofia 

Clip 8: Cancion - Fiesta Fiesta!

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