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Measure and Arithmetic

This week in Year 2 maths we will be continuing our exploration of measure. We will be continuing our learning about mass and then moving on to learning about capacity. You can help support this learning at home by letting children do lots of real life weighting and measuring and talking about how amounts compare to each other. You could even do your own experiments with house hold objects - do larger objects always weigh more than smaller objects? Can you order objects by their weight? Which kitchen items have the largest and smallest capacities? Can you test several objects and order them by capacity? Use a measuring jug to help you test how much they hold. 


The links to the White Rose videos that accompany the worksheets can be found in the pdf document below.  


This week we will also be practising our mental arithmetic skills. There are 6 sheets to help you practise. They get progressively more complicated. You can time yourself doing each block of 5 questions and see which you do the fastest. As the questions get harder, try to think about number patterns and tricks you know that might help you. E.g. if you need to work out 6x9 but you don't know those times tables, you could do 6x10=60 and then take away the extra 6, so 60-6=54. If you want to check your answers or need help working them out you could use objects to help you, or draw dienes for addition and subtraction, or ducks in ponds for division, or arrays for multiplication. You could always make up some questions using the four operations for your family and do a maths quiz!


Have fun!