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Year 3 Maths

Year Three Maths 

This week in maths, you are going to be learning all about the secrets of time with a little help from the Doctor. Keep your sonic screwdriver close as you never know what monsters may be lurking. 

The FINAL Battle!

Episode Five - Finding the duration.

My goodness, those Adipose were hard work yesterday. Thank you for all your help. I certainly needed it. Today we will be learning about duration. BEWARE: I hear there's a battle brewing so stay alert. I may need your expert time skills more than ever. You will need to download the instructions PDF as this will teach you how and when to answer the questions. Print off the questions so you can write down your answers and check them later using the answer sheet. 


You've made it to the final battle thanks to your time skills. 

One final obstacle remains before you become a true TIMELORD



Your HARD WORK and DEDICATION to study the mysteries of time is ADMIRABLE.


It is my proud honour to award you the title of TIMELORD


Remember to use your new found time skills for good and not evil. 


Keep your sonic screwdriver close as I may need your help in the FUTURE. See you there! 


But for now, have an AWESOME weekend!