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Good morning/afternoon Year 3/4,


Due to us working a week behind the White Rose, there is no activity for Friday because last week was a Bank Holiday. Rather than get in a pickle with the website, this seemed a perfect opportunity to recap your arithmetic skills.

First of all, have a go at one of these starters to get your brains warmed up.


Year 3



Year 4






Depending on your year group, complete either the Year 3 or Year 4 activity.


Give yourself 30 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.


Remember to show your workings out and to double check your answers once you’ve finished.


The answers are on the back page.


Good luck!


If you are struggling to remember any of the methods, please click on the links below to show you our school methods. Some of you may even recognise your own work! You can also check the Maths page on the school website by  clicking on 'Calculation Policy'.