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Little Red Riding Hood 23rd November

For the next fortnight, we will be focusing on the fairytale 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Below are some of the activities that we will be doing in Nursery. Have a go at as many as you can and let us know how you get on!  You can send pictures in the usual way:

Please let us know if you do not wish for your pictures to be shared on our website. 

If you have Playdough at home the children could make a cake to take to Grandma's house. They could add some candles and count how many there are.

In Nursery this week we will be making some Little Red Riding Hood characters using toilet rolls and different materials. You could also paint them or use felt tip pens to colour the toilet rolls.

One of our activities this week will be sorting different coloured objects. At home, the children could go on a colour hunt and try and find lots of different objects that are red.

Poor Grandma is poorly and needs some healthy food to make her feel better! Can the children find and name some healthy food around the house to put in a basket / bag to take to Grandma? They could also use plastic toy food if they have any.

For our phonics, we will be filling socks with different objects such as marbles, rice and paper. We will then be shaking the socks and listening carefully to try and work out what is in each sock.