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Here are some ideas for things you can do to help your child with reading and writing. When your child is drawing, writing or colouring please encourage them to hold the pencil correctly using a tripod like grip. Ask your child what their 'writing' says whenever they make any marks, and listen with interest when they tell you what their pictures or marks represent! Even if they look like 'scribbles' to you, they will be meaningful to your child and this is an important part of the process of becoming a writer. 


  • Reading - share books with your children every day. Read to your child, encouraging them to join in with familiar phrases.
  • Expose your child to a variety of types of texts, including a wide range of traditional tales, nursery rhymes, picture books and non fiction books
  • Allow your child to orally retell familiar stories to you using their own words
  • Make puppets of favourite characters to use to retell a story 
  • Make simple books
  • Teach your child new nursery rhymes. Sing them together. Make up actions to help them remember them!
  • Colour in
  • Draw pictures
  • Make marks in sand/flour/salt/ shaving foam
  • Using wet paint brushes to make marks outside or on a blackboard. A small bucket of water and a paintbrush can provide hours of mark making fun outside!
  • Using chalk on blackboards or outside to make marks. Allow your child to write, draw or colour on the bricks of your house!  They will love it and it will wash off with the rain!