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Weekly Life Skills

We will be posting new skills to learn every week. 

Have fun and see how many you can master! 

Week 12

  • Learn to recognise where you live on a map of the UK. Where should Hardwick and Cambourne go on the map? You might have to do some research online to find out. Are there any other places in the UK or the rest of the world that are important to your family? Maybe you have relatives living in a different city, or your parents or you come from somewhere other than Hardwick and Cambourne. Can you find these places on a map too? (Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find some maps you might like to use).
  • Clean your bike or scooter! You will need a bucket or bowl of soapy water then one of clean water, a sponge and on old cloth to dry. You could do one each day if there are lots in your family. Just remember you don’t wash the oily chain on a bike, which needs to stay oily!


Week 11

  • Learn to improve you typing skills. Play typing games to help you use the correct fingers on the keys and type faster and more accurately.

  • Learn how to clean a window. Maybe your back door has glass in it and you can reach it. Use a sponge with soapy water, just a little so you don’t soak the floor, then dry and polish with a clean dry tea towel or cloth. Keep stepping back and checking for smudges or streaks.



Week 10

  • Sweep the kitchen floor or outside on a patio using a long handled broom. Always have one hand over the end to protect it from bumping someone’s head or eye. Then use a dustpan to collect the rubbish or dust or leaves and put it carefully in the bin or green bin.



Week 9

  • Dust your bedroom with a duster or cloth. Move things carefully to dust around them then put them back. When your dusting skills are perfect maybe you can dust the lounge too!
  • Try to take some family photos, it is so helpful if you can take a good picture of someone without chopping off their head or arms! Photography is a great hobby and can even be a job. Wildlife in the garden is also a good place to start. Happy snapping!


Week 8

 Learn how to tell a joke well! If you can tell a joke to make people laugh you can cheer them up and always make friends. Choose your audience well, grown-ups will like clever jokes and grandparents like animal jokes. Try not to make up your own jokes instead learn 2 or 3 really funny ones to have people laughing until their tummy hurts!

Why don’t polar bears eat penguins?

Because they can’t get the wrappers off!

Do you want to hear a joke about a pizza?

Don’t worry it’s too cheesy!

What do you get if you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks!

What’s faster hot or cold?

Hot because you can catch a cold!

See if you can make people laugh.


Week 7

  • Learn how to lay a table for a meal.  Practise placing a knife fork, spoon and cup onto a placemat at each table space. You could make some sandwiches and cold drinks and serve them to your family. Coffee shops are shut but you could set up your own sandwich café in your kitchen!
  • Practise hanging out washing on a washing line. If you don’t have one or it is too high you could make a new temporary one inside or out. You use 2 pegs for tops and trousers, shorts and skirts and one peg each for socks. When it is all dry fold it up nicely and pair the socks like you have already mastered.  This video is aimed at grownups but it has all the top tips!


Week 6

  •  Write a letter to a relative, friend or neighbour and send it.
  •  Think of a way to thank someone who you have noticed working hard.  It could be someone at home, in your family or in the wider community. Spread some kindness with creativity! 


Week 5

  • Learn how to pair socks together and roll them so they stay together. You can practise counting in 2s at the same time! 
  • Learn how to sew. You can sew a picture, or make a puppet, or sew your initials into your school uniform.
  • Learn a song or a story in Spanish. Check out the year 1/2 Spanish page for ideas.  


Week 4

  • Learn how to brush and style your hair yourself.
  • Learn to make your own breakfast.
  • Learn how to wash up and dry your own plate and cutlery. 


Week 3


Week 2

  • Learn to say and write your address off by heart - remember to ask your grown up before you share it with anyone though, keep your information safe.  
  • Learn to chop vegetables with a knife  
  • Learn how to fold your clothes neatly on your own. Extra Challenge - can you put your clothes on coat hangers by yourself?


Week 1 

  • Learn to tie shoes laces
  • Learn to write your full name including any middle names and your surname. If you already know yours, can you learn the full names of everyone in your family?
  • Help with cooking and learn to spread butter, jam or whatever you like on bread by yourself. What will you make?