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Weekly Life Skills

We will be posting new skills to learn every week. 

Have fun and see how many you can master! 

  • Week 3
  • Learn how to sign the alphabet in British Sign Language. You can find charts to show you how here and you can sign along to this video to help you learn Can you teach everyone in your family how to do it? Can you sign your name?
  • Week 2
  • Learn to say and write your address off by heart - remember to ask your grown up before you share it with anyone though, keep your information safe.  
  • Learn to chop vegetables with a knife  
  • Learn how to fold your clothes neatly on your own. Extra Challenge - can you put your clothes on coat hangers by yourself?
  • Week 1 
  • Learn to tie shoes laces
  • Learn to write your full name including any middle names and your surname. If you already know yours, can you learn the full names of everyone in your family?
  • Help with cooking and learn to spread butter, jam or whatever you like on bread by yourself. What will you make?