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Junior Language Challenge 2019

uTalk Junior Language Challenge 2019


This year, for the third year now, Hardwick and Cambourne C. Primary School is taking part in the Junior Language Challenge, which is the only national language competition in the UK that is open to primary school age children.


Children who sign up for the Challenge learn new words and phrases and practise using them in a fun and interactive online portal which can be accessed on almost any device. Children earn points for completing tasks on the chosen language (the language will be chosen by our school for Round 1). In the first round (ends 10am on Friday December 20th 2019), students need to score at least 500 points (out of a total of 3,960) to qualify for the second round. The second round of the uTalk JLC will start at 10am on Monday January 6th 2020. Children who scored enough points in Round 1 will automatically have French* unlocked on their uTalk account when they log in on this day. The 30 highest scorers in each region will be invited to go through to a regional final where they will compete against the clock and each other to be named uTalk JLC Champion and Runner-up for their region. Regional finals will test children on the language they learned in Round Two.  The children will compete simultaneously on the uTalk app with ‘live’ scores shown on a leader-board. Venues and timings will be confirmed but expected to be held in the Summer Term. Prizes of gift vouchers will be awarded to regional winners and highest scorers at individual schools will receive certificates of achievement. Children must be aged 11 or under on the 01st September 2019 to take part in this competition.


Entry to the uTalk JLC costs £5 per pupil. This is a flat fee which covers access to the 12 topics (Starter Words, Holiday, Numbers up to 20, Time, Body, Clothes, Colours, Calendar, Leisure, School, Animals and Fruit) on the uTalk app in both rounds as well as the cost of the regional finals for those who make it that far. This content will remain available to all pupils until the end of the school year 2019/2020 so they can keep on learning.


If you are interested in your child taking part, please sign up using the slip on the letter that was sent out. (You can also find a copy of the letter here.) If you would like a hard copy, please just ask.