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Jack and the Beanstalk

Henry has done a picture of the giant! He's very tall Henry! I like the way you've drawn his face. He doesn't look too mean or scary... maybe he's not hungry yet...

Morrissey has been enjoying the lovely weather in his garden this week, and has taken the opportunity to plant some pumpkin seeds! I hope you grow a beautiful big pumpkin Morrissey! Maybe it will be turned into a golden carriage to take someone to the ball.....

Yuvan threaded cheerios onto spaghetti to create beanstalks. He then decided to use some noodles as a sword and acted out part of the story. Yuvan played the part of Jack and his mum was the giant. Did you manage to chop down the beanstalk Yuvan?

Isla made a tall beanstalk out of duplo. Can you see Jack climbing up it? She also created a lovely beanstalk picture and stuck real leaves on her beanstalk. Isla and her brother Logan made some amazing puppets of the characters from the story and put on a puppet show. Well done Isla! It looks like you have been very busy.

Hattie built an impressive castle and beanstalk with the help of her sister Immy. Great teamwork girls!

Henry has been busy this week and it's only Monday! Your lego beanstalk looks brilliant Henry, super effort! Well done to your big sister Jess for reading 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Can you retell the story to Mum or Dad? Your number work looks fabulous too, well done Henry!