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 ***These key links and websites have been added to this page recently.***


Home learning for current absences


Dear Parents and Carers,


We suggest that your child continues their play based approach to learning alongside some more structured focus activities.  Please continue to follow your child’s interests. If they are into cars: read about cars together, make a car fact book, build a car park and number the spaces etc. etc.! Tapping into very personal interests is so important to keep your child motivated.

Structured activities would ideally include short bursts of reading, writing, maths and handwriting every day. It may help to make a visual timetable with pictures outlining what the day might look like. You could do this with your child so they have some routine and structure in their day.


All children have made good progress this year. However, the knowledge and skills they have acquired thus far need practising every day. Children need lots of experiences, consolidation, and practise to embed skills. A balance of repetition and new skills is ideal!



Keep sharing stories with your children every day. Reading for pleasure is so important and essential to develop empathy and imagination. Please refer to the leaflet ‘We are early readers’ that went home before half term. It is also important to help children with their decoding skills too, just as you have been doing with the guided reading books that children have received weekly up until now. We have stopped sending these home, but instead we are signposting you to ‘Oxford Owl’ who have a great range of free, decodable e-books and this is the website we suggest you use. To access the books, you will need to sign in and create your own username and password, but this is a simple process. You will recognise lots of the titles as they are from the reading schemes that we use! Please note, Oxford Owl is tablet friendly.


The website for this is:


In addition, you can access the Collins Big Cat Ebook library for free. To access this, goto 

Next, click on the Teacher portal.


Password: Parents20! (please not the capital P and the !) 

Please continue to record in your child’s reading record what they have been reading, including their progress.


A wealth of information  about spoken language, reading and writing can be found on the English page of our website:


Mrs Emery’s YouTube channel – A story read by teachers at 6pm weeknights


Daily Phonics Lessons (YouTube channel) (website)


Nursery Rhymes and Songs

BBC Catalogue A-Z: 100’S of videos



Other websites you may find useful are listed below:

  • Jolly Phonics Phase 2 songs:
  • Jolly Phonics Phase 3 songs: (these start at 6 mins)
  • Phonics play has some free games. Focus on phases 2-4.
  • The alphablocks website has great free resources and videos to help early phonics and reading.
  • “Geraldine the Giraffe” is a fun way to consolidate the sounds we have learned so far. Simply search “Geraldine the Giraffe” on Youtube. (
  • Twinkl has a wealth of resources which, for a time limited period, are free for parents to use. You will need to create a username and password to access the resources. (



Try and keep writing for a purpose! Emails to relatives, messages to friends and teachers are all good ways of encouraging writing for a purpose. Help children write labels for models they make and add writing to their pictures and photos.

It is important to keep handwriting daily. Finger gym is an important part of this. Please continue to keep colouring, tweezering, threading, squeezing, gripping and pouring. Play doh is a super resource, and making some can be equally as fun!



Lots of games you already have at home involve early maths skills. E.g. Snakes and ladders, card/dice games help build early number sense.


White Rose Maths provide excellent home learning maths material, including daily 5 minute lessons which you can view online with your child. Click on the link below to access this material for free: This website has lots of useful resources, videos and games.




Some of these activities rely on being out and about so please use common sense and follow latest advice! Some of these activities are suitable for much younger and older siblings too.


Thank you for your ongoing support, The Reception Team